Regarding life and work, I am always encouraged by Eric Liddell‘s words: “When I run, I feel God’s pleasure.” Not ‘my pleasure’, but ‘God’s pleasure’. When we think of things we like, are we only concerned about ourselves? Are we seeking or doing those things to please ourselves? Whatever we do, we should do it for God, not for men, including ourselves. Satisfaction is not our chief end. Satisfaction should be a byproduct of our real chief end, i.e. glorifying God. I remember once my friends and I had a discussion on our philosophy of life. One of my friend said simply, “To live for God.” When I ponder about this phrase again, I realise that the meaning it contains is too deep. To live for God means to live not for self. But this does not mean a farewell to pleasure or satisfaction, and now I will labour for God. No. This is not what it means. My pastor says, “True satisfaction cannot be enjoyed but in the awareness of the presence of God.” My life is meaningful only in its relation to God. We are not seeking meaning from what we do. We already have that meaning from God. The privilege God gives us is to give meaning to whatever we do. Not giving in order to receive, but giving because we have already received. Because we have received, we can joyfully give. The Lord is our Meaning. He has given us all. The Lord is our Master. We should give Him all.


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