How do I know that I am loved?

Those who love others should not have asked this question. For where does that love come from if it is not from their hearts? And if they have it in their hearts, they must have received it, for the Bible asks, “Is there anything we have that we don’t receive?” Therefore those who love, have it in their hearts, have received it, or in other words, they have been loved.

Those who ask this question perhaps are those who love others more than ordinary people. They keep loving others, and they care less about themselves. They love, without expecting anything in return. Conscious or unconsciously, they may deprive themselves the privilege of being loved, sometimes by their own choices.

Maybe it’s hard to understand what love is. Maybe we think it’s too far to claim that we are loved. But no matter how hard we try to deny, one thing is certain. God loved us first. That’s why we can love others.


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