“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I will still plant my apple tree.” (Martin Luther King Jr.)

I think there is an analogy between an apple and our mandates as Christians–the gospel mandate and the cultural mandate. The gospel mandate is like the seed of the apple, while the cultural mandate is like the flesh. The flesh without the seed is lifeless, while the seed without the flesh is juiceless. So it is with the mandates. The two go hand in hand. The seed gives life, while the flesh gives nourishment. It is impossible to separate the seed from the flesh without cutting through the flesh. While cutting it, we smell the fragrance, the sweetness, and the freshness of the apple. And that is what our lives should be. The power of the gospel in us will transform us as well to be a fragrance to our world, this real and physical world. We should not forget our cultural mandate–the task that God has given us to be stewards of His creation. But neither should we forget our gospel mandate, for the world needs to hear the good news of God–the salvation of those who believes, a righteousness by faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore, as Martin Luther King Jr. says, even if we know that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, let us still carry out our mandates.

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