A letter for Tedy

My friend’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer in her head, lungs, liver, and backbone. He and his father look after her at their home. I would like to invite your prayers for him, his mother, and his family. Thank you.

Dear Tedy,

I have just heard about your mom’s condition. Ted, be strong. I admit I may not be able to feel what you feel now, but I believe that God understands everything that we experience and He is with us in our sorrow.

Ted, we often don’t understand why God allows such a difficult trial to come into our lives. For sure, trials are not punishments. Every trial which God gives is to mold us, to develop our perseverance, and to enable us to strengthen others should they experience trials like we do.

Ted, every kind of illnesses only show us how limited we are. After men fall into sin, one thing that is certain is that their lives on earth will surely end. Every illness, disaster, and death are the result of the curse of sin that we must bear. This is the misery of our sin. However, we are grateful we have our hope in Jesus. He who knows no sin had borne the penalty of sin we should have borne. All the sorrows we experience on earth are only momentary. When Jesus comes again, He will make everything new. There will be no more sorrows and tears. And everyone who have put their faith in Jesus have been cleansed of their sins and will live with Him forevermore!

Ted, when someone we love, especially our mom, has to bear much pains, we long only for one thing: that he/she will be healed. We don’t want anything else. His/her pains have become our own pains. If the person we love can be well again, how joyful we are. Ted, I believe God has the power to heal you mom, and if He wills it, He will heal her. But, God may not heal, either. This is all in His sovereignty. But one thing that is certain, if we have believed in Jesus, we have the assurance of eternal salvation.

Ted, I pray that your mum will be well again, and that you, Chris, and your dad will be given strength by God to go through this difficult time. When you feel weak and sad, just remember that Jesus also feels your sorrow. He once died on the cross. I pray that this letter will be used by God to give you strength. If you need anything, I will be glad to help.

Your friend,


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