Unconditional Love

Among the love stories of men, perhaps the love story of Hosea is second to none. His love towards Gomer, his wife, is a real example of what an unconditional love really means. Gomer was a harlot. They had three children from their marriage. But it was likely that not all of the children were Hosea’s children. Eventhough Gomer had been married to Hosea, she was unfaithful to him. She left him and went after her lovers. Hosea would supply all that she needed, but she would not come back to him. Perhaps it took her a long time until she was stripped of all that she had, and she was sold as a slave by those who no longer wanted her. But out of love, Hosea went to her and bought her with a price so that she could live with him.

Actually, the story of Hosea was a picture of the love of God. The Israelites was an adulterous nation. They had turned their back against God. But God loved the Israelites so much that he would seek them and bring them back to him. How could God do so?

If we move forward in time, we find another story of an adulterer in John 8. A woman was caught in adultery. According to the Law, the punishment for such a sin was stoning to death. The Pharisees had brought her in the temple courts, and they posed a question to Jesus to see what Jesus would do. In the middle of the crowds, the woman must not have been able to look up. Shame, fear, and regrets must have filled her heart. But imagine how amazed she was when she heard Jesus said to her, “I don’t condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin.” Imagine how she could only cry as she left the place.

A few months after, looking at Jesus being nailed at the cross, she would finally come to understand why Jesus could have let her go without condemning her. She finally understood what is the meaning of an unconditional love. She realised that Jesus was bearing the punishment she ought to have borne.

Gomer and the adulterous woman are exactly who we are. We seek after our own pleasure. We seek to please ourselves with our own ways. We have rejected God. Not until we are humbled to the lowest point that we begin to seek God. But we can’t. We can’t get back to him unless he get us back. And that is precisely what he has done. And he could do so because he has left our punishment on Jesus. This is the unconditional love.


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