The addressless man

“Please fill in your address,” the instruction read. But I don’t have any address. What should I fill in? Hmm, perhaps I can fill in my school address.

I have come to think that an address is not necessary. I can still live without one. In fact, do I really need one? As far as I can think, an address is needed only for mailing matters. Are there any more?

I don’t need an address to sleep. I can always sleep anywhere I like, can’t I? I have slept on the train, in the airport, in school. As long as I have place to lay my head, an address is not necessary.

But I need to take a shower, don’t I? Again, I can do it in the public toilets in the school hostel.

What about my things? Where do I keep my clothes, books, toothbrush, and shoes? Well, to be honest, I can keep it inside my bag. Two sets of clothes can fit into my bag. They are enough logically to keep me dressed everyday. Wear one set, wash the other. If the sun doesn’t shine, then I have to stick with one set of clothes for a few days (sounds not too bad). But then, I need a place to wash and dry them. Again, I can hand wash them in the public toilets and hang them somewhere (perhaps I can borrow some space from the students staying at the hostels). There should be no problem with clothes. What about books? My books are many. They surely can’t fit into my bag. Well, I have no choice than to lend them to people. Just place the books in their care for some time, whether they want to read them or not. And for myself, one book is enough for my own reading. What else do I need? Shoes, socks, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, comb, spectacles, nailcutter, wallet, handphone (have I missed anything?). I guess they all can fit into my bag.

I am not sure about other countries, but in a country like Singapore, to live without an address is doable. No doubt about it. The only problem perhaps is what I mentioned in the beginning: mailing matters. I am not sure whether you can use your friend’s address or your school’s address. And I am not sure whether the government will put one who has no address in jail. But as you have seen, being an addressless man is not something miserable. On the contrary, you’ll save rental fees and PUB fees every month so long as you like being an addressless man.


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