Childlike trust

The little boy was sobbing. Some children had gathered around to see. He had hit his shin against a piece of wood and it was bruised. It must have been very painful. I offered him my back, and in quick steps I carried him into his house.

I was not sure what to do, but since there was a jug of water, I poured some water over his bruised shin. Suddenly the little girl came. In her hands was a piece of ice. She was playing with it. Immediately I asked her for the ice. She gave it straight away and I rubbed the ice over the boy’s shin. “Does it still hurt?” “No,” he told me. He had stopped crying. I then put a plaster onto the little cuts the wood had made on his shin.

As I recall that experience, I am amazed by the little girl’s trust. She was playing with the ice when I asked her for it. She might not understand what I was going to do with it. But she gave it willingly without questions. Without arguments. Without even asking for replacements.

From that experience, I learned what a childlike trust is. Now, if God were to ask me for something that I cherish, would I give it to him willingly, or would I question him for that which I wasn’t ready to give?


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