Musing on love (1)

If I love somebody, I don’t care whether she loves me or not. I would be grateful for her, not me. I would care for her, not me. I would think the better of her, not me. If she doesn’t love me, and that’s for the better of her, I would be fully pleased. Help me, Lord, to love, as You love me.

Can I earn love? Let me not earn it, for I can’t. Simply can’t. For how could I earn something which I don’t deserve? Let me not dream, but know the reality and be pleased with all things because they are from You.

Oh make me realise; when can I realise that I am nothing? For not till then can I truly love, knowing fully that it is not my love, but Yours. For it is then will I be grateful for love, knowing that I don’t deserve love at all.


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