Musing on love (2)

When I pray, “Lord, show me the one you have chosen to be my wife,” it does not mean a hesitation or shifting responsibility to God. My part is to be committed to the person I chose. And if I do believe that He is a sovereign God, I will not be afraid; I have nothing to lose, for He will provide. Whomever I choose, she is in God’s sovereign will. And if I obey His moral will, I need not be afraid of making a wrong choice. My responsibility is to commit myself to love her. And God will help me to love her as He loves me. He is always the main figure. I am to love as He loves.

Love is not worth begging. I cannot expect others to love me back. Love is to be given, not demanded. When I approach a girl, it is not to try to engineer that she would love me. If approach is to be correlated with such attempts, then it is better not to approach at all. Perhaps a better term would be a deeper friendship. And it may happen without any intentions whatsoever. It is when two persons are brought into an encounter where they know each other better. And when I am ready to commit, I must be really ready to commit, but I must not expect anything. Then I will be ready for whatever answer that may be given to me. It will be as simple as Yes or No. In each, God’s will be done.

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