Musing on love (3)

A man should never love a woman because he needs her. A woman should never love a man because of what he does for her. A prerequisite for marriage is when each party can say, “I can live without you.” A true expression of love is when it can point both persons toward a greater love for God. It may not lead to happiness as we used to think. A true expression of love can only be proven by trials that God gives in our lives, for by them we really grow. It is not about satisfying our needs or what we think could be our partner’s needs; it is not about pleasing ourselves or what we think could please our partner, but it is about pleasing God. The blessings will come at moments we will have never expected.

An invitation to commit into a lifelong relationship is not an invitation into a fairy tale, but more than that, it is an invitation into reality. And therefore there will not be any hesitation or fear, for we will see whatever there is for us to see. But “come what may, I will love you until my dying day.” Because it is a reality, we have nothing to lose. For we are ready to receive whatever that may come.


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