Pillar of concrete

I took my friend’s bicycle from my previous home and decided to ride it back to my new home. I did not know the way. I’ll just follow the train track, I thought, for it is quite high, supported by concrete columns. As long as I could see it, I would surely reach my destination, my new home. And so I started cycling, keeping myself always in view of the train track.

Early on the journey, the train track had to cut into a hill, but I already knew where it would come out. But after that, it went to a station, and I did not know where it continued. Here, I started to lose my direction since it seemed that there were not any roads that went parallel to the track. By trial and error, finally I managed to see the track again.

It was easy afterwards. The road beside the track was all the way straight up to the next station, and after a right turn, it went all the way straight as well, until I reached home.

This simple experience reminded me of the Israelites’ journey to the promised land. It took 40 years to get to the destination. It was not an easy journey. But the presence of God was with them. He led them by the pillar of fire and the pillar of cloud. They were the signs of God’s presence. In my experience, it was not pillar of fire or pillar of cloud; it was pillar of concrete. That massive concrete train track had served as my guide in my journey home. I could imagine how lost the Israelites would be without the pillar of fire and cloud. I experienced it when I could not see the train track. But surely it was more than that. The pillar of fire and cloud was the sign of the presence of God among them. God was with them when they journey towards the promised land.


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