Humility–what a word!

Being humble is letting my heart and mind to be taught–it is being teachable. It is impossible to learn anything without humility. Being humble is desiring to know more. It is opening my heart and mind as wide as possible to be filled with the truth. For how can I be filled if I remain closed? But when I am humble, when I let myself be opened, I shall receive. And I shall receive with joy. If I am humble, I shall hunger for the truth, and as I grasp it, I shall be filled with joy and gladness.

Being humble means seeing myself as nobody. I am just a learner of things. I shall not have the attitude of contempt to learning things that I already knew, but I shall always see them as new things that are still able to teach me something. I shall never master anything; there is always room for learning.

Being humble means always being open to corrections and gladly examining myself in order to improve.

Being humble means realising always, every moment in time, that I am not my own. It is being ready to do what I have to do, being ready to listen to others, being ready to do every tasks that are appointed to me.

Being humble means I am not my own …

Being humble is knowing self as I am known by God. If I know my weaknesses, it is not for me to ask pity from others; it is for me to surrender them to God and let God mold me more and more unto His likeness. Being humble is fearing God, not men.

Oh let me know You, Lord, that I shall know myself …

But the only way to know You, Lord, is to read Your Word …, oh the living Word, the life Giver!


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