Praying is ‘doing nothing’

People often ask, “Why do we need to pray if God knows what we pray for even before we pray? Why do we need to pray if God has predestined all things?

I found that the most satisfying laymen kind of an answer to those questions is that indeed praying is ‘doing nothing.’ For if praying is ‘doing nothing’, why should there be difficulties to answering those questions? For exactly we need to ‘do nothing’ because God has done everything. The fact that God works should make us pray, because by praying we ‘do nothing.’

But often when I pray, I think I am ‘doing something.’

I am too busy with all my doing. I am too busy with all my thinking. But this is exactly the very moment that I should pray, in the midst of my busyness. This is the right thing to do, for praying is ‘doing nothing.’ God is doing everything.

In prayer, I should be aware that I am ‘doing nothing.’ Indeed, I should ‘do nothing’, if all things are done by Him.


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