What is the best thing in life?

I asked the above question via sms to some of my friends yesterday. Only a few did reply. Perhaps the question surprised them. Hmm, I don’t know. I think people don’t ask this kind of questions nowadays. If they do, probably not very seriously.

What is the best thing in life? If we don’t know the answer to this question, perhaps we don’t know why we live, what we live for. But why live, if there is nothing to live for? Everyone lives for something, regardless what that something is, whether they know it or not, or no matter how hard they try to deny the fact that they live for something. We do live for something. We do have our idea of what is best in life. Otherwise we wouldn’t be living now. The fact that we are living now is an enough evidence that we do pursue the best in life.

But the question we must ask to ourselves now is, “Is what I think as the best thing in life, really the best?” There are a whole bunch of ideas of best things in life: happiness, freedom, family, peace, comfort, knowledge, power, pleasure, etc. But are they really the best? How can there be so many things? If it is the best, only one of them is. So which one of them is really the best? What is the best thing in life?


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