In the image of God

(John W. Peterson)

In the image of God, we were made long ago,
with the purpose divine, here His glory to show,
but we failed Him one day, just like sheep went astray,
thinking not of the cost, we His likeness have lost.

But from eternity, God had in mind,
the work of Calvary, the lost to find,
from the Heaven so broad, Christ came down earth to trod,
so that men might live again in the image of God.

Now that I have believed, and the Savior received,
now that I from the cry of my guilt am relieved,
I will live for my Lord, not for gain or reward,
but for love thinking of what His grace has restored!

I’ll never comprehend redemption’s plan,
How God could condescend, to die for man;
Such a Savior I’ll praise, ’till the end of my days,
as I upward, onward trod in the image of God.


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