A few things have happened

A few things have happened since my last post.

On Wednesday, I was about to conduct my experiment in the hydraulics lab. A lab technician was helping me. As usual, the first thing I did to set up my model was to go into the wave tank (the water is up to my waist and it is pretty cold). So after I put my model (a circular cylinder made of acrylic) and the steel disks (weighing about 20 kg), which are to be positioned inside the cylinder, on the table just next to the wave tank, I jumped into the water while the technician stood outside the tank.

But suddenly I heard a loud sound of steel disks falling. I quickly glanced over the tank wall. The table had toppled over. For a few seconds what I could do was just staring at the table and all the things that had been on top of it and were now scattered–the acrylic cylinder, the steel disks, and a laptop. Other technicians who had stayed in the room downstairs came to see what was happening. The technician who was helping me asked me to come out of the tank, and so, drenched to the waist, I climbed out of the tank and began to see whether everything was all right.

Thankfully, everything was all right, despite some minor damages. The acrylic cylinder did not break. The laptop could still run. Overall, I could still continue with the setup of the experiment as if nothing had happened.

From this experience I was reminded again of God’s providence. The fact that this ‘incident’ happened for the first time only shows that there were so many times where it did not happened before. And those are the times I need to be grateful for. Now, as I type this post, I could still hear the technician saying, “Aiyah, horrible lah, horrible…” Well, it was horrible knowing that it was the first time he came to help and just when he was about to start to help he witnessed a table toppled over. As he was about to leave after the model was already setup, he said to me, “Please don’t do crazy things,” to which I responded with a smile.

That was what happened on Wednesday. On Thursday, I sprained my right ankle while I was playing basketball with my friends. It was not painful at the moment, so I kept on playing. But after I reached home, it got more painful. I wanted to go to SKS bookstore since it offers 10-15% discount for all the books. I went there the day before but did not have much time to browse the books. So I decided to go again that day. I thought I could make it to the store. I did not know that it would get more and more painful. I was hardly able to walk. But finally we reached SKS; it was an achievement. At the store I sat most of the time; thankfully, chairs were provided.

I bought six books. They are: Fact, Value, and God; Faithful Learning and the Christian Scholarly Vocation; Reason for the Hope Within; The Politics of Jesus; Total Truth; and True Spirituality. I have not bought so many books before within a week. I know it was quite a spending of money. And it was a kind of temptation, too. Hopefully I can stop buying books in the near future. Meanwhile I’d better read those books, especially first the books which are available in the libraries (NTU and NIE) while I am still entitled to borrow them.


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