The joy of Christmas

A few days ago I was surprised to see an email from Nancy Pearcey in my inbox. She expressed her gratitude because I mentioned her book, Total Truth, in my blog and she recommended me to read another book by her, The Soul of Science, which I had already bought. When I read the email, it was like, wow, Nancy Pearcey visited my lowly blog? It was such a joy to me and it felt like I couldn’t help telling others about it.

A few years ago a friend shared with me an illustration. You name a person that you admire most. It could be a pop star, a writer, or a sport player, whom you long to meet. Let’s say that person’s name is Sun Yanzi. Now suppose you read a newspaper one morning and find on the headlines: Sun Yanzi Loves [Your Name]. Imagine how you would feel. Other people might not know you, but it doesn’t matter. The fact that those words are printed on the newspapers is what matters. You want to tell others about it. “Hey, have you seen today’s newspaper? Have you read what is written there? Sun Yanzi loves me!” In fact, even if it is not printed on the newspapers, even if it is only written on a single mail sent to you one morning, you want to tell others about it. You find it hard to contain the joy that is within you. You want to share it with others who do not yet know.

Now suppose you read a book one day and find these words on its pages: God loves you. Later you find out that the books are everywhere. They are written in different languages but still with the same message: God loves you. This book is a real book. It is the Bible. In it you read a story of God’s wonderful love for you. In it you find God’s declaration that He loves sinners just as you. In it you find God’s sacrificial love for you that He became man and died and rose again to give you life.

On this Christmas day, let us reflect once again. Has the joy of knowing God’s love for us be in our hearts? Have we found it hard to contain? Has it moved us to want to share it with others who do not yet know?


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