Predestination (Part 3)

An alternative that has been suggested to the view that God foreordained everything is that God foreknew but not foreordained everything. But is this possible? It is not. Foreknowledge must imply foreordination. If God knew from eternity past that something would happen, it would surely happen and it would not fail to happen. For if it turned out that it did not happen, then God could not have known beforehand that it would happen. But if it would surely happen, then who or what made it happen, since in eternity past there was no one and nothing but God? It must be God who decreed it to happen. Therefore, God knew what would happen because He foreordained it to happen. Foreknowledge implies foreordination, and it is only logical that foreordination precedes foreknowledge, or in other words, foreknowledge is based on foreordination.

(to be continued …)


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