Smiling mask VS Smiling heart

My vocation which puts much emphasis on customer service and my serving as caregiver in our youth fellowship teach me about sincerity and the meaning of a smile. One of my seniors once said, “Be careful, there are a lot of smiling tigers here.” And as a nurse, giving a smile is one of our responsibilities. I have taken part in a customer service training (a four-day training) and one thing that was taught was ‘how to do a plastic smile.’ Honestly I think it was stupid, ugly, and deceitful, but sometimes it does help nonetheless.

I am grateful because my temperament makes it easier for me to smile (it is one of my hobbies). Until one time when I felt tired of smiling, but to make my life easier, I chose to keep on smiling. Then I realised that a smile could hide so many things.

Why people chose to smile? To keep one’s self-image as a friendly person, to attract others, to show others how happy and joyful one’s life is, because it is one of one’s duties, because others like to see one smile, and it is easier to get things done.” All of the above reasons are supposed to be results, but have been substituted as motivations.

For me, a smile is an _expression of joy of having experienced the loving kindness of God in my life and also an _expression of my love for people around me. Without love, a smile I give will only be a superficial smile. There is an element which is missing, that is sincerity.

A sentence that has warned me is this: “Don’t be too fond of giving away smiles. Your smile will become cheap.” Not that we must smile less; instead, we should learn how to smile sincerely. In the process, essentially it is about learning to love others. We need to be in constant touch with the Source of love, our Father in heaven, and to pass that love to people around us. When I am separated from the Source of love, I will surely be weary and dry, because I no longer have the capacity to love.

Smile is only one of the expressions of love. There are still many others. I share about smile because this is one of my struggles. Others may be struggling in other aspects.


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