Uniting Farewell

“After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.” (Acts1:9)

The parting of the Lord Jesus with His disciples is a farewell ending the fellowship which has been formed for more than three years between them. How they actually wanted Jesus to stay! I was wondering, if I were there, how I would have wanted Him to stay. A farewell with a Friend whom we loved and respected, truly was not an easy one.

Praise God, the farewell was ended with a promise, a Gift who will be received by His disciples, i.e. the Holy Spirit, and also a promise that they shall meet again.The farewell was only a physical one. In fact it was a deeper union between our Lord and His disciples, between Him and us, because of the Holy Spirit given us. For He is with us anytime and anywhere. We can have fellowship with Him all the days of our lives and He promised that we will have perfect fellowship with Him in heaven.

The clouds that hid the body of Christ should not be a barrier for us since we are given faith that is able to see beyond the clouds, and the blessings from God are also not blocked by them. Emmanuel—God is with us.

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