Servant of God

“When will you be a servant of God?” The question came unexpected.

The phrase ‘servant of God’ usually implies a full-time worker. In fact, the question may be paraphrased as “When will you go into seminary?” for indeed, it is common to expect that before one becomes a full-time worker, one would first study in the seminary. I could have answered the question by saying, “Oh, after I graduate,” or, “After I serve my bond.”

I didn’t answer the question. I was quite surprised to say anything, and in fact I am not sure whether it was even asked seriously. But truly it leaves me with several other questions to answer.

I think it is a common misconception subscribed by many that being a servant of God is equal to going into seminary. Does going into seminary—earning some modules, scoring well in exams, and then graduating—make me a servant of God?

I’m afraid not.

When will you be a servant of God?—I have come to realise that the answer to this question does not lie in the future. For unless I answer it, it will continue to linger and demand an answer from me.

When I compare myself with all the great men of God in history, I find myself in a pale comparison. But I know that it is not necessary to follow exactly what they did. What I need to follow is the attitude of their heart. That is the attitude of a servant.

Each day is an opportunity to deny oneself, to make right decisions each time one is faced with choices—whether to please oneself or to please God—, to realise that one is not his own but God’s. “No servant is greater than his master.” “Carry your cross, deny yourself, and follow Me”—have I done all these?

If only there is an example to follow, for an example is better than words. But is there not an example—the Example?

One mark of a servant of God is faithfulness, in other words, consistency. The fire of God continues to burn aflame in his heart all the time. He is filled with passion for the work of God. His understanding of the grace of God is ever abounding, ever increasing.

Have you been a servant of God? When will you be a servant of God?


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