Servant of God (2)

There are moments when you do not agree with a servant of God. But there are other moments in which you listen to him, and you are rebuked, strengthened, and rekindled once again: where is your fire? Where is your courage? In moments like these you no longer listen, but more than that, you witness the spirit in a servant’s heart. What you disagree with may make you uneasy. But actually you realise that this heart contains facets of wisdom which can lead you to reconsider your judgement, to comprehend the method of his contemplation, and moreover, fill you abundantly. Indeed, the disagreement may continue to stay and may need to stay, but when you listen from him, you discover blessings in other things which you have never possessed—and thus, you have no need to disagree—or which you have possessed, though never realised how true those are.

I have been in these moments, and they came only by God’s grace. Yesterday was such moment. I was reminded to be ‘crazy’ for the kingdom of God, to have a fighting spirit which knows no fear and no giving up, to be constrained by God’s love and my love for Him. When I fail to express all these in action—which I often did—rhetoric is swallowed in hypocrisy. But once again the voice reminded me, “I have failed, but I go back to war.” A sharing from a brother yesterday has also reminded me of the reality of the spiritual realm, which is always there, no matter how I try to deny its existence through my own actions. If that spiritual realm—that land of Narnia—exists, we will live as we ought to live. Let me live, then, as I ought to live.


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