Being human

Today’s sermon struck me to reconsider my existence as a human being. It has never really come to mind that just being human is already such a wonderful grace. God has graced human with endless potentialities and capabilities. He has indwelt him with reasoning power; he has the ability to contemplate things, to imagine, to think of ideas. He can create artworks, he can compose music. He can enjoy beauty. Sometimes we fume over our lives why God creates me this way, why I cannot do this and that like others do. It is easy for us to get discouraged, lose our motivation to live, and therefore miss, or rather throw away the opportunity to become a blessing in other people’s lives, for we are consumed with our own idea of our limitations. When this happens, I think it is good to pause and ponder upon our existence. One reason why we often get so overwhelmed with our limitations and fail to give thanks at all times is because we take for granted our existence as human beings. But to just be human is a great blessing. God is so gracious to create us as humans.


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