Speaking the truth in love

Something to ponder about…

“… after having gotten nailed on something we vociferously held but that turned out to be wrong, how many of us rejoice that the truth of our opponent has now triumphed over our own error? And how often do we speak truth in superiority? in scorn? or as a weapon? And how often do we make other views and motives easier to attack by not reading them charitably? And how often do we really love those aggravatingly confused and obnoxiously bullheaded people on the other side of our issues who simply refuse to see it the right way—our way? But that is what we are supposed to do—love.

Of course, sometimes there may really be something about some other part of the body that does require serious corrective action. But we must be careful how we go about it. A few years ago a woman who had been troubled by a very painful corn on her foot decided to fix it permanently. Being completely plastered with wine at the time, her choice of surgical instrument was a bit questionable—a shotgun. The treatment was effective—the corn was indeed removed, and she has not been subsequently bothered by it.

But nonetheless, as can be imagined the story did not have a completely happy ending. After all, she literally shot herself in the foot. And if we Christians are one body, the in correcting our fellow believer with a shotgun we may be shooting ourselves in the foot after all. And the ending may be just as unsatisfactory” (Science & Its Limits, pp. 168-169).

It is interesting that the above quotation comes from a book on the philosophy of science.


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