Public/private split

To adopt the public/private split is actually to go against our nature. Man is created as a communicating person. Indeed, to say that someone is a person is to state as well what defines him as a person, and one of them is communication. Now what is so special about communication? It is an avenue whereby the universal intention of our beliefs is known. It is what characterizes the universal intention of our beliefs. Whenever we communicate something, we communicate what we believe, and we want others to know what we believe; otherwise, we won’t communicate. By communicating, our beliefs surpass the private into the public. So, whenever we communicate, be it verbally or nonverbally, orally or in writing, we embrace the fact that the public and the private are inseparable. Of course one can maintain the public/private split, but the only way to do that, it seems to me, is to avoid communication. But how can one avoid communicating unless he is shut out from the rest of the world? And what does it mean to be shut out from the world? The reality of public no longer makes sense, because it is no longer needed. Therefore there is no need of even talking about public. What’s left is only private.


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