David Brainerd

I finished reading The Life and Diary of David Brainerd a few days ago. Towards the end of it was an account by Jonathan Edwards on the final moments of his life. It was a culmination of a life devoted to God. And as I was reading it, I couldn’t hold back my tears. Finally he would meet his God, whom he served so selflessly, notwithstanding pains and blood. Finally he would come to see Him, whom he longed always to glorify, and as he often expressed it, how joyful it would be to see that moment where he could finally glorify his God perfectly, as all His angels do.

I thank God for leaving us with the diary of this godly young man. A man whose life was a true display of his longing to spend and be spent for God. A man whose life was true to his convictions. A man who was willing to lose all for God. A man whose life was lived with a single desire to glorify God alone. God called us to be Christian to have a life such as his. God has given us one more example. Let us try to emulate his spirit. It will be hard, but let us not give up, but press on.


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