Something has to keep us going

I think there is one good thing we can learn from the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump has something to say about giving our best in everything we do. Forrest Gump went through many different circumstances in his life, but he never complained why he was put there; he just endured and gave his best.

In the struggle of doing things which we don’t enjoy, our character is tested. But even in doing things which we enjoy, there is no guarantee that there will be no struggle. Discouragement, discontent, fear, and anger can also creep in.

Something has to keep us going and help us to endure, and we have to know that thing.

Most of us have gone through circumstances or stages in life which were not so convenient to us. In the midst of those, have we responded rightly? Or did we complain, even saying that God must have had a different plan for us?

We need to know that the bits and pieces we have to go through will never be wasted. This is because everything we experience molds us and brings us to know ourselves and God more. Whatever we go through, give glory to God.


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