The perfect complement

I believe most of us agree that in finding our life partner we should not aim at finding the perfect person. Instead of finding the perfect person, it is enough to just aim at finding the perfect complement. By doing that, we have lowered the demand, or have we? Have we ever thought that finding the perfect complement is actually a double demand? for not only do we want one who perfectly complements, but also one who is complementarily perfect. Now, is there really such a person?

One is not a perfect complement to his spouse, and so is her to him. For if we can find all that we lack in our spouse, why does God give us brothers and sisters to build us up, to help us move towards the goal, to be more Christ-like? To be in a relationship we don’t have to sacrifice our fellowship with our brothers and sisters. Our brothers and sisters share different aspects of our lives. With them, we should not sacrifice our fellowship, for they complement us in various ways.


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