Pleasing God is the truest pleasure

Our joy should be the outcome of doing God’s will, for that pleases Him. When we strive to do anything heartily, we are serving our Lord, and He is pleased. What pleases Him pleases us as well. This is our true source of pleasure.

“… obey in everything …,” “… with fear and trembling ….”

No matter how much is our desire to do otherwise, God’s requirement is for us to obey our masters on earth, as we would Christ. We are not required to follow them when they are not following Christ. Or when our earthly masters’ requirements oppose each other, whom should we please? Any of them? No, but the Lord only. But, more often than not, it is our own desires that we follow. They tear us in opposite direction to what our earthly masters require us to do. If we can’t obey our earthly masters, how could we expect to obey our Lord?

We are to serve our Lord only, but then this doesn’t mean that we don’t serve our masters on earth. Quite the contrary, we serve our masters on earth with a higher standard, since what we do should please our Lord, who is above the earth.

Our truest pleasure always comes as a result of pleasing God. It is not a matter of likes and dislikes. When we do God’s will, God is pleased, and in turn, we have the truest pleasure. On the contrary, when we do our own will, we have false pleasure, and in turn, we lose God’s pleasure, which is our truest pleasure.

Many of us made a choice only to regret it along the way, when we find that what we expected is not like what it turns out to be. But a slave never chooses to be a slave. If we ask whether he likes what he does, I believe he would say he doesn’t. But God asks us to see beyond that. He asks us to do what we need to do, as doing it for Him. And as it is done for Him, it is a pleasure, for we like doing things for Him. So no matter what we are, we can enjoy what we do.


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