31 March

31 March was the day I began blogging. I chose a phrase from Augustine’s Confessions as the title of the blog: donec requiescat in te, which means until it rests in Thee. I had just read the book and was really touched by the depth and honesty of his contemplations. The phrase, probably the most famous quotation of him, reminds us always that we were made for God, and our heart will always be restless until it rests in Him. Below the title, I used to put Musings on life and grace. My first post was indeed titled Life. Shortly after that, I wrote another post titled Grace.

This blog has been a collection of many things. Some are personal reflections on Christian living, love and friendship. Some are reviews. Others are meagre attempts to discuss topics like theology, science, philosophy, and worldview. The articles are not written by myself alone, but also friends who have been willing to share their thoughts. Several articles are translations of articles, sessions, or sermons which were originally communicated in Indonesian.

Keeping this blog has been an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. By writing, I learn to brainstorm, organise, and present my thoughts on a particular issue. Many things will never really be thought through until they are put into writings. By writing, I explore my ideas, and in the process, new ideas come to mind. By translating, I learn to be faithful in presenting what the original source says, while maintaining its readability as it is transformed into another language. By keeping a blog I learn the discipline of writing. It is not easy to always be creative, to be able to spot topics worth thinking and writing.

It has been two years now since I kept this blog. I hope this blog has been and will continue to be a blessing to you.


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