Away with legalism

Who are we, Lord, that You love us so much? We think we don’t need You; actually, it is You who don’t need us. But You created us, and when we fell in sin, indeed, You had the right to condemn us all. But You saved us. How can we understand Your great love, O Lord?

All have sinned. Don’t let anyone else think that I’m better than them. I can look nice. But what’s inside my heart, they do not know. What I did when I was alone, they do not know. What I did and thought of when they didn’t notice, they do not know. I am really not any better than them. In fact, perhaps I’m worse. No, don’t let anyone think I am better than them.

I am not a righteous man. If I boast in my own righteousness, as if it is I who work it out, without You, let my boast be destroyed, O Lord. Teach me to see that Your grace is greater than all my sins. Revive my heart again, O Lord, and cleanse me. I want to come to You, just as I am. Help me to believe that Your grace is sufficient for me.

As a Christian, help me to realise that I am no better than those who do not know You. I am just a sinner whom You love. I know that I continually fall. But Your cross is there for me to look upon once again. The shame of the cross is my shame, which You bore in my place. But the glory of it is its own glory, as Your love forgives me a sinner.


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