I think one of the reasons why David was called a man after God’s own heart was his compassion for the oppressed, the poor, the fatherless, the lowest of the lowest—that fills the book of Psalms. God indeed allowed David to go through many dangers and sorrows before he was made king. Through them all he was with the outcasts of society. He shared their lives. And this was what contributed to the shaping of one of the extraordinary kings in history.

One who has gone through many trials has a life richer than he who hasn’t. Those are the colours that weave one’s tapestry of life. It is always good to have these kinds of experience. Being with the poor makes one’s life rich. Being with the weak makes one’s life strong. In the lowliest of all is hidden the noblest of all. Life is indeed a paradox, and one who has never tasted life in its assorted flavours is deprived of understanding its paradox. So, whenever we are given the opportunity to try shades of life different from what we have experienced before…, cherish it.


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