All is grace

All is grace. The way we look at everything should not be different from the way we look at our salvation. Just as predestination applies not only in salvation, but also in every other thing in the universe, so does grace. Just as all are predestined, so is all grace. To accept that salvation is by grace but not to accept that all other things are also by grace is to be inconsistent. How can it possibly be that the God who grants salvation freely does not grant everything else in the same way?

God is able to keep one’s salvation secure. Not only is He able, He does keep one’s salvation secure. But He does this while being completely free whether He wants to do it or not. And being aware of our unworthiness, we should be pleased had God not chosen us, and we should be truly grateful if He even cares to save someone like us. It is the same with all other things. All is from God, and He gives everything to us while being completely free whether He wants to give them to us or not. We should know that we don’t deserve a single thing.

With this understanding, we have no confusion about our obligation and entitlement. Our entitlement is not others’ nor God’s obligation. What we have is no more the result of our asking than God’s giving. It is God’s right whether He wants to give us what we ask for. It does not depend on us, but on God. All things are from God. That is why we give Him thanks forever. There is no place for boast nor envy, but all praise belongs to Him.


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