James Durham and William Guthrie

[James Durham] was a person of the utmost composure and gravity, and scarce smiled at anything. When Mr. William Guthrie and he were together at dinner in some gentlemen’s house, Mr. Guthrie was exceeding merry, and made Mr. Durham smile, yea, laugh, with his pleasant, facetious conversation. It was the ordinary custom of the family to pray after dinner and Mr. Guthrie was desired to pray, which he did with the greatest measure of seriousness and fervency, to the astonishment of all present. When they rose from prayer, Mr. Durham came to him, and embraced him, and said, ‘O William, you are a happy man; if I had been so merry as you have been, I could not have been so serious, nor in any frame for prayer, for forty-eight hours.’

(quoted from http://www.naphtali.com/pdf/DurhamLife.pdf)

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