Really God knows and remembers

A few days ago I went to the cafe near my office to have lunch. At the cafe, we need to queue before we can order our meal from the stall. The waiter would then take a plate of rice and let us choose a few dishes we would like to have. To my surprise, when my turn came to order my meal, the waiter skipped me and went on to serve the person after me. The waiter realised it, however, and soon I was able to take my order.

Today, I went to the same cafe for lunch and as usual, I queued. When it came to my turn, however, two waiters took my order and as a result, one of the dishes I chose went to one waiter’s plate and the other went to the other waiter’s plate. They had to transfer the dish from one plate to the other afterwards.

“Really God knows and remembers,” said Grace as I told her about the experience. What a providential reminder indeed that He does know and remember.


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