Why Christianity

Today I read an article from The Times. The author wrote,

The Christians were always different. Far from having cowed or confined its converts, their faith appeared to have liberated and relaxed them. There was a liveliness, a curiosity, an engagement with the world – a directness in their dealings with others.

Their work was secular, but surely affected by what they were. What they were was, in turn, influenced by a conception of man’s place in the Universe that Christianity had taught.

I am reminded of what I wrote a few years back:

Why Christianity?

Because Christianity gives the most coherent picture to explain everything. About life and struggle. About sadness and suffering. About truth. About idea and ideal. And Christianity never stops at explanation. It also answers all the problems in this world, even for times to come.

True, Christianity teaches morality, and Christianity offers the assurance of salvation. But apart from these, it speaks into every aspect of human life. Christianity brings us to understand our world. Christianity is not an escapist faith. Neither is it a mere directions for living. It brings us to understand the temporal in its relation with the eternal.


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