His sovereign hand over the nations

Recently Singapore went gaga over the issues of AWARE. We browsed this Wikipedia article and found out the trend that the more advanced the country is, the more its government gives lawful recognition to LGBT rights. Singapore now legalizes same sex (only female) unions. It is only strict Muslim countries which are still enforcing laws and severe punishments against those acts.

We are now reading the book of Ezekiel. We read over in it as well as in Isaiah and Jeremiah the accounts where God raised pagan nations to conquer Judah and Israel as they went apostate. The oppressors of Israel had every obvious reason to ridicule and mock God’s nation, and God let them.

It is almost similar with today’s phenomenon. Countries which used to be Christian, where revivals once occured, now turned almost atheist, with only 20 percent professing to believe in God, and even less frequenting church. God seems to allow the kingdom of Islam to occupy and triumphantly multiply in these countries. The Muslim population in European countries is increasing by many folds that it is expected in years to come these countries might become Muslim nations—not by war nor violence, but by the most subtle means ever.

However, we also find relief and comfort as we continue to read these books of the prophets. That although the reproofs and threatenings are so real to God’s people, yet towards the close of the books, we find the very assurances given of the great mercy God has in store for them. God Himself will again gather and restore His people, only for His glory and His name’s sake.

(drafted by Grace, edited by Adi)


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