Joel and his writings

Joel is one of our best friends and our brothers in church. He is also one of the lambs of light and truth, God mercifully willing and we earnestly praying. Here are some of his writings.

All things have benefits even though they may be unpleasant
Maths, which I don’t like, benefited me like gold
Chinese, which I don’t like also benefited me like gold
It is always God’s will
(5 May 2009)

Happy things happen
Sad things happen
Deaths and Birthdays happen
We must be thankful for these things
We must not grieve and feel sorry for ourselves
We must pray that we will be thankful for all things, sad and happy
(9 May 2009)

Bad things can turn out to be good
Good things can turn out to be bad
Nothing is impossible with God
We must always be grateful
(18 May 2009)

You give away things everyday or so
You receive things everyday or so
We must always be generous
We must always be grateful
(23 May 2009)


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