He is with us

When we suddenly come into a severe suffering, we tend to ask, “Where are you, Lord?” as if suffering is a sign that God does not exist and does not care anymore about our lives. It is really true, that the most severe suffering is life without God. But perhaps we often see this from the wrong perspective. To realize our depravity and to realize our original state, how we actually were if God were not to show His grace to the sinful us, ought necessarily have sent us to a severe terror, it would be as if the hellish fire has come unto us. Every man who lives on this earth has already been suffering in this most severe state of suffering. But in that past, we may not even be aware of that severe terror. Grace of God came down at that very moment. He was there, He came down, suffering that most severe suffering for us. So if now we are suffering something extremely severe, we are reminded that we have been there in that most severe suffering, and in that most severe suffering, He came down, He was present, He was with us. It is so with us now, too. He is with us.

Adi & Grace
18 August 2009

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