When we are prone to fall

I could vividly recall that as a child I was almost always a clumsy one. In kindergarten, I seldom participated in outdoor activities, and if I did I was prone to injuries. Going down the slides caused me to hurl all the way down to the ground. When we played catch the ball, the ball properly—or improperly—ended up hitting on my face or other parts of my body. When I ran (or even when I had a stroll) down the road, I had the tendency to slip into the side drain. Thankfully, by God’s grace, I have developed a liking to jogging during my teenage and youth days spent in Singapore. The only exercise that I do, I think it is relatively a safe one, consider Singapore perhaps has the best running tracks in the world.

Here in Trondheim, we have hilly streets, some are not too steep, some are very steep. Not all are dry and concrete, many are of earth and grass. It has been wet in Trondheim, too. The local residents said that never they experienced continuous twenty four or so raining days in an autumn before. We have this now, besides the unexpectedly steeping cold temperature of five degree Celcius and below. Despite the cold, I still love to go outside, because I enjoy nature that is so amply provided here. However, my strong tendency to cast myself down apparently emerged again, all with the help of the hilly and muddy and slippery path. With my seemingly inbred awkward knees and legs, I have to be especially careful not to stumble. A harmless-looking mound of earth could actually make me fall flat! How many occasions of it that they made me so embarrassed before the passing-by Norwegians; they are certainly more sure-footed, they grow in the wilderness.

This morning as I prepared to make a trip to the supermarket, as I would labour not to get tripped up, I prayed to God for journey’s mercies. Not only to keep me from any serious danger of falling physically, but also for His journey mercies as I labour in my Christian walk this day. He alone is able to keep me from falling, to help me with my weaknesses, and to bring me back home safely.

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy. (Jude 1:24)


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