Exercise of Christian liberty in loving

“We must not on pretext of love of neighbour offend against God. … For the things necessary to be done must not be omitted for fear of any offense. For as our freedom must be subordinated to love, so in turn ought love itself to abide under purity of faith. Surely, it is fitting here also to take love into consideration, even as far as to the altar [cf. Mt 5:23-24]; that is, that for our neighbour’s sake we may not offend God. We must not approve the intemperance of those who do nothing without raising a tumult and who prefer to tear into everything rather than open a matter gently. But those people also are not to be listened to who, after making themselves leaders in a thousand sorts of wickedness, pretend that they must act so as not to cause offense to their neighbors [cf. 1 Cor 8:9]; as if they were not in the meantime building up their neighbours’ consciences into evil, especially when they ever stick fast in the same mud without hope of getting out.”

(quoted from The Institutes of Christian Religion, 3.19.1-13)


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